Exploring Intersectionalities

As someone who is trained in the sciences, particularly chemical engineer, fine arts is the last thing you will think of. The job is interestingly tedious, lots of rulering and boxing and arrow pointing and process designing. After all, that is how drugs and oil and every single manufactured thing on this earth is made: lots of lines and boxes and process designs.

Unlike the artificial, rigid nature of a design, our bodies form these naturally beautiful molecules called proteins. Due to different bonding and properties, each protein folds differently and serves a different function. These folds are not arbitrary. It is specifically coded by our genes and the particular shape specifically serves a certain purpose.

I love these protein artworks partially because I am biased to science, but also that 1). Art, like proteins, is not arbitrary. Artists have a purpose. Every line, every stroke, every colored space means something and is deliberately done. 2). Use your imagination to see cool things and add fun into our a little bit less fun real world.

Explore intersectionalities. Don’t be restricted by one side of you. Don’t limit your identity. Imagine complexly!

Check out more of May’s works: https://maykayart.wordpress.com/

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