Current Trends in Logos

Logo itself is an indicator of current trend in design. We can see the shift to more minimalist, simple design in examples such as the new Google logo a couple years ago. This article highlights some of the current trends regarding logos, but I am especially interested in the geometric route.

The clean cut square/triangles deliver an elegant vibe, yet still appear trendy and hip. It appeals to the young demographic, and still attracts an older audience who appreciates the simplistic nature. I really like how we have reached a point in design where less is more – and leave the audience to interpret without giving too much. Some of the recent drastic logo changes, including Instagram and Google, all creates their logos with simple geometric shapes that have an ergonomic feel. I am excited to see where this trend leads, as artist challenge themselves to simplify and still deliver a message.


A Closer Look at 3 of Today’s Logo Design Trends

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