The Architecture of Street Style


As much as I love the Fashion Week shows themselves, I’ll have to be honest, some of the most show stopping pieces are found off the runway.

One of my favorite parts of any Fashion Week – New York, Milan, Paris, etc. – is the street style. People put on beyond their Sunday best just to stroll around the city and show off their unique send of style and personality.

Street style is important because it involves much more than just couture wear. Though many elite fashionistas and celebrities do strut their stuff in high end garb, many of the people who are photographed for their street style during Fashion Week are found wearing thrifted clothes, hand-me-downs, or DIY projects. Street styles is where high fashion meets reality. It is a beautiful clashing of worlds.

To find out more about NYFW street style and to catch some of the most stand-out looks, take a look at the article below:

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