This is a music video of the song “Hogu” by Giriboy ft. Brother Su. Giriboy is a South Korean rapper and Brother Su is a singer. This song is basically about a boy who is completely blinded by love. He says even though he knows that she is meeting another guy, he still loves her. He’s a hopeless romantic and this shows visually.

In this video, the colors are very playful and fun – light pink, blue, yellow, orange, green. All the colors are positive and light-hearted. I think Giriboy and the producer was trying to portray the playfulness of a girl that plays a boy by using these bright colors. Also, there are many symbolic items throughout the video such as the straws. The straws show how the girl basically sucks him up or in this case, sucks his money up.

There are some creepy scenes of the girl with white eyes in what seems like a horror film. I think this contrast with the happy colors was the producer trying to portray how the girl should actually be portrayed. She seems like this great, fun girl to the boy, but in reality, she’s just taking what she wants and using him.

I think overall the design of this video reads well with what Giriboy is saying through his lyrics – a playful yet deceiving love.


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