Music to My Brain

I recently read this article about imaging the brain while listening to music. The art project is called BrainDance. Their goal is to visualize brainwave response to music. With the help of BlackBox, a brain-imaging tech company, and EEG technology, they recorded and printed the brainwaves of 20 volunteers. Each one had two colors distinguishing focus and flow when exposed to new music. They were in a black box where the only sense they had was to listen to the music. As a BBB major, this was crazy. This project attempts to combine neuroscience with art, which is something I explored during high school studio art classes. Seeing this made me realize it’s possible. There is beautiful design in even brain imaging – thought to be normal boring data. But shown in this way, it’s alive.

(The link for the BrainDance project has the music they listened to as well!)

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