Icons on Instagram

Ever since we worked on our project on icons, I have been fascinated by the simplistic aesthetics of icons, and the different styles of different artists. I stumbled across @iconutopia on Instagram, and was immediately hooked by his works. The icons are all produced through a systemic process starting with simple geometric shapes, with carefully calculated shading and curves. Yet his work process videos make them look so achievable. His work led me to a bunch of more icon artists on instagram, including @whitehotmonkey and @stevewolfdesign and many m0re. Each of these artists has his or her own style: some have impressive and details, while others use only black and white and slanted lines.

My fascination with Insta-famous artists and creators goes way back. I follow artwork featuring accounts like @nawden that has over 788k followers, and used to hope and pray I will be featured one day. My recent crazy about calligraphy and hand lettering has opened a whole other world of insta-handlettering and bullet journaling posts. Social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Tumblr gave artists a democratized platform to showcase their art at no costs. If it’s well received, they can also sell merchandise, hold workshops, and really make a fully fleshed out business model. This new freedom also introduces the controversy: will social media influence an artist make works that will only be popular and well received on social media, which sometimes include cliches and inspirational stuff?

Check out iconutopia’s blog here and on Instagram @iconutopia: http://iconutopia.com/

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