The Art of Phil Noto

My next door neighbor at my parents’ house is a comic book artist named Phil Noto. I really recommend checking out his work! I thought it would be appropriate to share since he turns his sketches into digital works using Photoshop. The link below is just his art, but here is the introduction to a tutorial he gives on, as well.

“In this title, Phil Noto shows you his illustration techniques for creating comic book covers and pinups. Using a completely digital workflow, you will see how he goes from a preliminary sketch to finished art. He demonstrates how he uses Adobe software: Photoshop® for sketching and coloring, and Smith Micro Manga Studio™ for inking the art, while discussing the benefits of each program’s toolset. Phil covers topics such as line quality, silhouette, proportions, software: Photoshop layer and channel management, color palette, brush selection, lighting and texture. Throughout the lecture Phil shows how he balances line, light, color and details to refine his illustration.”

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