Street Art and Gentrification

Today, The Guardian posted a video of street artist Stik creating a new piece in Shoreditch, a neighbourhood in East London. Although Shoreditch is filled with street art, including many of Stik’s other works, this piece was particularly special.

Shoreditch attracts tourists from all over the world because of the street art. However, in  recent years, street art has halted in Shoreditch as the neighbourhood has become gentrified. New, taller buildings have appeared, rent has shot up and the presence of men in business suits has grown. Artists have been driven out because of the high rent. Less street art is being put up because they want to make the neighbourhood look more clean and new.

Street artists like Stik, fight gentrification by continuing to put up works and by uniting artists back into the area. For the 1.2 project, a few classmates made commentaries on the issue of gentrification. I found this video very interesting as it outlines how gentrification affects art.

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