Porter Robinson Worlds Tour Visuals

Ever since I met my best friend last year, I have been introduced to Porter Robinson’s music, often categorized as electro house, synthpop music. Like many EDM DJs nowadays, his concerts are accompanied by stunning visuals, developed by Invisible Light Network. However, producer Porter Robinson is trying to derail from the mainstream epic bass drop, instead, he provides beautiful, hyperreal visions in a neon hued Worlds with pixelated elements. The art transcends that of video games and also fantasy. The colors are electrifying, immediately draw you into this luscious world. The patterns are variant yet not contradicting. Each frame of his tour animation is a piece of art on its own.

Porter Robinson describes his visual style as “glitchy surrealism”, and the creators at Invisible Light Network also said that their production process is just playing with layers. I am inspired by their integration of music and art and also effort to create an experience at concert beyond just the music.


Check out the drafts and final products here: http://invisiblelightnetwork.com/2014/10/15/porter-robinson-worlds-tour-visuals/

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