One Man’s Trash

This year, Adidas release a new shoe, the Adidas x Parley. This shoes is an incredible innovation that is almost entirely made of recycled materials crafted from garbage found in the ocean. The trainer is environmentally conscious, sleek, and fashion forward. According the Dan Howarth, “the green wave pattern across the uppers is created from recycled gill net, which was dredged from the sea and recycled into the fibre. The rest of the upper is formed using waste plastic collected around the Maldives, where the government is collaborating with Parley to rid the island chain of the issue within five years.” As someone who is really intrigued by the fashion industry and all strives to be environmentally conscious, I found these shoes to be incredibly inspiring. This combination of technology and fashion is really amazing, and I hope to see more innovations like this in the fashion community in the future!

You can read more about the shoes here:

And here:

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