Can Artificial Intelligence Create Art?

Many researchers are trying to see if artificial intelligence can create art. Developers at Google using machine learning to create a program that when given a short tune can create an original song based on the input. An example of what the program can currently do can be seen here:

Another artist/coder, Harold Cohen, has been working on a project called AARON, which is an AI that has the capability to paint. Over the past few decades, Cohen has been teaching AARON to paint “with lists of object/body elements and the relationships between them…AARON paints whatever it wants within the confines of its knowledge, driven only by its limited version of an imagination and not at any point instructed explicitly by Cohen or anybody else.” Throughout the years, AARON’s paintings have matured from simple lines and squiggles to really beautiful and complex pieces. A couple examples can be seen below and at this link:




However, this brings up the issue of whether or not something created by a program can even be considered art. One of the issues is that it first requires an input from humans and that ultimately the program was also written by humans. But at the same time, the final product was independently generated by the program, and the skill was also learned. I personally believe that to be classified as art, there has to be intent to create the art first. Therefore, until AI is advanced enough to understand why it’s making art, it can’t really create something that is considered art. Still, it’s incredibly hard to make this claim while looking at AARON’s paintings.

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