Pull Up a Chair

This past week, Solange Knowles released an amazing body of work entitled “A Seat at the Table.” This album, taking five years to complete and composed of 21 songs in total, discusses what it means to be a person of color in America today. The album’s arrival is timely, to say the least. Both Solange and her sister, Beyonce Knowles, have been known to incorporate powerful messages of social impact and justice into their art, and use their platform as a beacon for others who can relate to their experiences. “A Seat at the Table” does an excellent job of combining modern jazz tones with classic R&B vibes. The tracks are clear and pure while somehow remaining incredibly complex. They are mysterious and sensual, yet powerful and bold. Solange discusses in more detail the stories behind her music on her website, http://saintheron.com. She also provides striking visuals to accompany the music there.

If you want to hear some of the songs on Solange’s latest album, you can view the YouTube playlist below.

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