Google Translate and m ss ng p eces collaborated to create a pop-up restaurant in New York City that transcends the cultural barrier with food. The idea is that food isn’t constricted by language or culture because everyone needs and loves food. The restaurant was there for 5 nights and attendees got to taste different cultures in 1 sitting. The waiters and attendees were all of different cultures speaking different languages. In this way, they got to experience a dinner like never before.

Personally, I thought this was really awesome. Not only does the food bring the people together, but the design of the whole restaurant. There are posters and words all around the room in many different languages. Here is where Google Translate comes in: the app allows people to scan the poster and automatically translate into their language. The overall design of the building was inviting – the white background color, the use of mainly primary colors, the wood tables, gray cushions. The colors were very neutral in that they didn’t provoke a bias or stereotype towards a type of culture. #EVERYONESPEAKSFOOD invited people from this big world to come inside one small world.

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