Why Brexit happened — and what to do next | Alexander Betts

I’m so hesitate to still talk about the election and it’s not even art-related, but I really want to share this Ted talk. I watched it a few months ago but I feel that I relate to what he said even more today. It’s also interesting how many dislikes this talk got…it seems when someone try to express a balanced opinion, both parties dislike him.

I am very concerned, not by the result of this election, but by the ever widening gap between people, exacerbated by globalization and the way we receive information today. It happens everywhere, not only in America, or UK, or Europe, or China or between any two countries. I  really hope we can have more listening and less arrogance, more communication and less labeling, more sharing and less blaming, so we can face the big challenges in front of all of us together.

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